About Us. Suppliers of Palm Oil Seedlings, Refined / Crude Palm Oil & Fats

Nespet Farms is a Oil Palm plantation, comprising 200 hundred acres of Palm trees, which we harvest forĀ  fresh fruit bunches (FFB) to produce Crude Palm Oil (CPO), as well as other by products such as Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) and Palm Kernel Shells (PKS). With a dynamic team of farmers, palm oil experts and customer services, we have a proven track record for providing sustainable Crude Palm Oil and other related products, to the Ghanaian market and for export.

Our nursery also produces healthy palm oil seedlings, with the potential for sustaining large oil yields for 25 years or more. With good synergy among our traders and customers, we always ensure the highest standards of farming, refining, packaging and supply of our products worldwide.

Nespet Farms is also into cassava cultivation and has cultivated 63 acres of cassava in 2014 and 2015. We are poised to increase cultivation to 150 acres.

How We Do It

We have developed stringent in-house quality control for all incoming Palm Oil seedlings to outgoing products, and use the most up to date methods prescribed via gas chromatography, to verify that our oils and fats meet the required specifications and industry standards.

We offer great prices and fast delivery of our quality products to short and long-term customers, and can also supply Corn and other farm produce to reliable buyers. At Nespet Farms, we recognize that the well being of our society and environment is essential to our growth. We are always looking into the area of sustainability, and how we can contribute to the society and the environment in a responsible manner.

To inquire about our palm oil seedlings, edible oils, fats or any of our products, please contact us on +233 (0) 3033 072 73, or send us an email: info@nespetfarms.com

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